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Monday, July 7, 2008

A Warning of The Lord Through Sr. Bernada Fernandez

The text you are about to read, is the first part of the testimony of sister Bernarda Fernandez, who was privileged to be taken by Jesus Christ to visit the next world. THIS IS THE TESTIMONY OF MY FIRST JOURNEY

I was not feeling well that morning, my husband refused to leave me on my own and go to work. I told him that I was not alone. After he left, I felt that I was dying. So I decided to phone some of my friends, and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law answered: "Bernarda, God will bless you today, do not be afraid". The same answer came from another brother in Christ that I phoned, but he added: "Bernarda, get up from your bed and praise the Lord, cry to Him and glorify Him". So, in spite of my lack of strength I cried to the Lord saying: "Lord, You are my strength, come and help me". I tried to stand up, but my strength left me. My voice could no longer be heard but in my soul I was crying to the Lord to help me since I was dying.

Suddenly my room was lit up of a light which looked like a fire. Immediately my fear
vanished and I saw angels descending and walking in my room. I could hear them clearly speaking to each other, and suddenly a marvelous being appeared, more marvelous than angels. He was dressed in White with a golden sash. On His chest was written in gold: "FAITHFUL AND TRUE". His face was showing gentleness and Love. Jesus the CHRIST was in front of me, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Blessed be His name! Jesus approached me, touched my head and told me: "I am Jesus who died for you. Look at these marks in My hands, they are still there for you. I came down from My throne of glory to speak to you; there are many things in your life to put right. You are lazy and quick-tempered. Moreover, I do not want 25% Christian nor 95%, but 100%. If you want to go to heaven, you have to be holy as I Myself am holy; I came to take you for a journey".

I asked Him: "Lord, is it a missionary journey?" He answered, "No". Then He took me by my hands and lifted me up, and talked to me with simplicity and Love. He brought me as far as my windows, He looked at the city of New-York and I saw sadness on His face. He wept and said: "My Word is well preached, but people do not listen. The sin of this city has reached My Father". The city was full of homosexuals; among them were Politicians. The Lord told me: "It's another Sodom, but I am alive and the judgments of My Father will soon fall on this city". Then I knelt before the Lord while crying and He told me: "Do not be afraid. When judgment falls on this world, my Church will no longer be on earth". He then led me again towards my bed and asked me to phone a brother from my congregation. He gave me the name of the then brother. He then asked me to tell him that my spirit would come out of my body, and that they should not bring my corpse to the hospital or to any funeral ceremony.

Instead, they should tell my husband to trust the one who is the Resurrection and the Life (John 11: 25). The Lord told me again: "I who give life, I take your spirit but you will come back and tell the peoples to trust me fully. The one who believes in Me will never die" (John 11:26). He stretched His hands and I saw that another body came out of me. I was dressed in white and I was shining like the Lord, He told me: "Look! This is the body that Christians who obey My Word will soon have". I realized that I could go through the walls. The Lord who was holding me by my hand said: "Look"! When I turned, I saw my body without spirit. He explained to me that my physical body was worthless, it was nothing but dust, and that at death it will become dust again, as any physical body. He added that the new body I had was a glorious one which is the spirit He gave to man. I thought He would lead me straight to heaven, but it was not the case. We descended through a tunnel below the earth, and when approaching a certain place I could perceive an unbearable smell. I said: "Lord I do not want to go into that place". But we went in; that place was dark and not worth living.

I heard people suffering, weeping and screaming. When we got to the end of the tunnel, we sat on a rock and the Lord told me: "Look"! I saw people suffering. In hell, people spend their time crying, and no one cares about others.

Dear brothers and sisters, I just came to realize that HELL IS REAL. I wept and wept, and when I looked at the Lord, He told me: "Hold on to what you have seen, and do not forget it". I was looking at the hell, and people were screaming! It's forever! it's forever! Pain and hatred for ever and ever." I turned toward the Lord and asked Him: "Is there anyone from my family in this hell?" "Yes", said the Lord and I will allow you to see him. Suddenly I saw a young man coming from the depths of the hell: It was Alexander. I knew this young man at a crusade my husband and I attended in Dominica Republic. During that crusade, I heard a voice saying to me, "Get up, go and meet Alexander who is passing by. Tell him not to reject this message, for I'm giving him a last chance". This voice was the voice of the Lord even though I did not see Him. I told Alexander what the Lord told me. This is how he responded: "You Christians are all fools. You deceive people by telling them that Jesus Christ is coming, I, Alexander, do not believe this to be the truth". I told him: "Alexander, God gives life and takes it away when he wants; Alexander, you will soon die. He answered: "I am too young to die, I still have many good years of festivities on this earth." This chance was truly the last for Alexander. Dear reader, what do you know about yourself? Three weeks later, Alexander died while he was drunk. His destination was this place of torment where I saw him (hell). The Bible states clearly that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God (Galatians 5: 21).

When looking at people in hell, I could see Alexander attacked by two big worms. He was screaming!" He was tormented. He recognized me and told me: "I neglected my last chance. I am here today, suffering. Please, when you return to earth, go to my house and tell my family to believe in Jesus Christ and to obey His word, so that they will not come to this place of torment." Then the Lord showed me thousands of people who were suffering in hell, and He told me: "You see, some of these people knew Me when they were on earth. There are still a lot of people on earth who walk on the street without knowing where they go. Know that the way to heaven is very narrow, and it will be narrower again. There will be difficulties on earth, so that you will be as pure as gold, but fear not for I am ahead of you like a mighty warrior". I asked Him: "ARE THERE CHRISTIANS IN THIS HELL?", He answered: "Yes, do you know why? They believed in Me but they did not walk according to my Word. There are many, those Christians who only behave well when they are in the temple, in front of their pastors and their family. But they are greatly deceiving themselves. The eyes of my Father see everything and He understands every word, wherever you are. Tell my people that it's time they lived a holy life before my Father, before the devil and before the world. It's high time to seek holiness and consecration "(1 Peter 1: 14-16)

Then we went where there was a lake of fire. As we were approaching the lake, I perceived a very bad smell and the Lord told me: "What you see there is a lake of fire, which is ready for the devil, the false prophet, and the Antichrist. I did not prepare this place for men, but all those who do not believe in me as their Savior and those who do not live according to my word will go there (Revelation 20:14)"

At that moment I saw Jesus weeping and He told me again: "There are more lost than those who going to heaven". Then Jesus showed me the number of people who were dying in a minute and He told me: "Look! How many are lost! My Church is sleeping despite the fact that She has received my power; She has My word and the Holy Spirit, but She is sleeping. On earth there are people who preach that hell does not exist. Go and tell them that this place is real". I was very far from that place, but I could feel the heat. We left Hades and we went to heaven. We kept on going and went to the second heaven.

In that heaven the Lord showed me the sun and the stars and He told: "Look at these stars, I call each one by its name. Do you see this sun, it's by my power that it shines both on the righteous and the wicked. But there will come a day when the sun will no longer shine, everything will be darkness".

We went further and reached heaven where God lives. There, were beautiful houses. The walls of those houses were very high, of pure gold and of precious stones. There were twelve gates of pearls, with twelve angels at the gates. I thought I could not go in, but the Lord looked at me and said: "Do you want to go in?" "Oh yes Lord! I really want to." "Then get in, for I Myself am the door" (John 10:9).

At that moment I went in through a precious gate and I saw a garden of magnificent flowers. "Do you want to go in the garden? Then go in for I've prepared this for
you and my people". When I stepped in, I started to pick some flowers and to arrange
some bunches. I was running in the garden like a little girl. The flowers I picked had many colors with a very nice smell. After that, the Lord called someone. It was
an angel, strong and so beautiful that I could not describe. The Lord told
me: "Do you see this one, he is the Archangel Michael, he is the one who leads my army. Look again!" I saw a mighty army on horses and the Lord told me: "It's not a human army, but my Father's.

This army is at the disposal of Christians who are REALLY born again; do not fear, for it is more powerful than the one which is in the world". Then He showed me another angel. "This one is the messenger of Christians who obey my word". I was happy to hear that.

Jesus told me: "Be attentive! I am the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Elijah, the One who caused fire to fall from heaven; I have not changed. I am going to show you the condition in which My people live in these last days they've got left". The Lord told me: "Be very careful about the things I'm going to show you". I saw Christians who were weak and tired.

The Lord asked me this question: "Do you believe that I can take this Church away in its present state?" Then He told me, "Christians that I will take away with me will be glorious, triumphant, spotless, blameless. Among My people there are lies, lack of love, My people are divided. I showed you the condition of Christians in these last days; Now I'm going to show you how the early Church lived. Those brothers and sisters were filled with the glory of God. They constantly fasted and prayed; they preached my word without any fear. Whereas present Christians think that I've changed, they also think that the Holy Spirit has changed.

The big mistake of Christians today is the fact that they live a routine life, planned by human beings. Therefore they've forgotten that the messages are from the Holy Spirit and from above. Tell My servants, the pastors, that time has come to put behind those routine programs. If they do, you will see the power of God in your midst, the Holy Spirit who was manifest in the early Church. He will perform signs, miracles and wonders in great number, causing the dead to rise. The Holy Spirit is still the same, it's you who have changed". Philippians 3:20 says, "For our citizenship is in heaven, from whence we look or the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ." (Email ini kiriman Ibu Suharti Ali)

Diposting oleh Hadi Kristadi untuk PENTAS KESAKSIAN

Kesaksian Pembaca Buku "Mukjizat Kehidupan"

Pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2009 datang SMS dari seorang Ibu di NTT, bunyinya:
"Terpujilah Tuhan karena buku "Mukjizat Kehidupan", saya belajar untuk bisa mengampuni, sabar, dan punya waktu di hadirat Tuhan, dan akhirnya Rumah Tangga saya dipulihkan, suami saya sudah mau berdoa. Buku ini telah jadi berkat buat teman-teman di Pasir Panjang, Kupang, NTT. Kami belajar mengasihi, mengampuni, dan selalu punya waktu berdoa."

Hall of Fame - Daftar Pembaca Yang Diberkati Buku Mukjizat Kehidupan

  • A. Rudy Hartono Kurniawan - Juara All England 8 x dan Asian Hero
  • B. Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo
  • C. Pdt. Ir. Djohan Handojo
  • D. Jeffry S. Tjandra - Worshipper
  • E. Pdt. Petrus Agung - Semarang
  • F. Bpk. Irsan
  • G. Ir. Ciputra - Jakarta
  • H. Pdt. Dr. Danny Tumiwa SH
  • I. Erich Unarto S.E - Pendiri dan Pemimpin "Manna Sorgawi"
  • J. Beni Prananto - Pengusaha
  • K. Aryanto Agus Mulyo - Partner Kantor Akuntan
  • L. Ir. Handaka Santosa - CEO Senayan City
  • M. Pdt. Drs. Budi Sastradiputra - Jakarta
  • N. Pdm. Lim Lim - Jakarta
  • O. Lisa Honoris - Kawai Music Shool Jakarta
  • P. Ny. Rachel Sudarmanto - Jakarta
  • Q. Ps. Levi Supit - Jakarta
  • R. Pdt. Samuel Gunawan - Jakarta
  • S. F.A Djaya - Tamara Jaya - By Pass Ngurah Rai - Jimbaran - Bali
  • T. Ps. Kong - City Blessing Church - Jakarta
  • U. dr. Yoyong Kohar - Jakarta
  • V. Haryanto - Gereja Katholik - Jakarta
  • W. Fanny Irwanto - Jakarta
  • X. dr. Sylvia/Yan Cen - Jakarta
  • Y. Ir. Junna - Jakarta
  • Z. Yudi - Raffles Hill - Cibubur
  • ZA. Budi Setiawan - GBI PRJ - Jakarta
  • ZB. Christine - Intercon - Jakarta
  • ZC. Budi Setiawan - CWS Kelapa Gading - Jakarta
  • ZD. Oshin - Menara BTN - Jakarta
  • ZE. Johan Sunarto - Tanah Pasir - Jakarta
  • ZF. Waney - Jl. Kesehatan - Jakarta
  • ZG. Lukas Kacaribu - Jakarta
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  • ZJ. Luci - Sunter Paradise - Jakarta
  • ZK. Irene - Arlin Indah - Jakarta Timur
  • ZL. Ny. Hendri Suswardani - Depok
  • ZM. Marthin Tertius - Bank Artha Graha - Manado
  • ZN. Titin - PT. Tripolyta - Jakarta
  • ZO. Wiwiek - Menteng - Jakarta
  • ZP. Agatha - PT. STUD - Menara Batavia - Jakarta
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  • ZZB. Wesley - Simpang Darmo Permai - Surabaya
  • ZZC. Ray Monoarfa - Kemang - Jakarta
  • ZZD. Pdt. Sunaryo Djaya - Bethany - Jakarta
  • ZZE. Max Boham - Sidoarjo - Jatim
  • ZZF. Julia Bing - Semarang
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