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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Account of Howard Pittman

Howard Pittman is a dear friend and brother in Messiah, whom I have met in person back in 1996 and have spoken with on several occasions over the phone. He and his dear wife Joyce travel together to go and tell about Howard’s clinical death experience on August 3, 1979.

Howard O. Pittman was a Baptist minister for 35 years. He was born November 24, 1928 the seventh living child in a family of eight children. He was raised on a small farm in the southwestern part of the state of Mississippi.

On August, 1979, his main body trunk artery ruptured and at some point in the ensuing hours, he suffered physical death.

His spirit was lifted from his body by his guardian angels and taken into the Second Heaven (Satan’s dominion) where he saw many startling things.

He appeared before the Lord in the Third Heaven where he pleaded for an extension of his physical life. It was here that God showed him what kind of life of worship and service to Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah that he really led. He was given a message to bring back to God’s latter rain soldiers in this generation.

Through Howard’s Testimony, God has begun to deliver this message through such means as the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, numerous radio stations, church services, and public appearances.

Since his death experience on August 3, 1979, and his call to “go tell” on May 7, 1980, he has traveled all over the United States and into Old Mexico telling of this great experience and repeating the message God gave him for this generation.

The book, “Demons An Eye Witness Account,” gives the first eye witness account of the activities of the spirit world. Howard saw the various ranks of demonic principalities while he was in The Second Heaven as he was taken on a tour by the Angel of the Lord to see the way in which these fallen angels operate.

He witnessed at least Five Orders of demons which are listed as follows:

1.) The Demon of Greed (Second in Command to Satan himself).
2.) The Warring Demons (who rule over cities and geographic locations).
3.) Witchcraft Demons (these were had the appearance of being part human and part animal as seen in Greek Mythological beings) such as Pan, Pegasus, Mermaids, etc.)
4.) The Mystery Demons (these are behind mental insanity, multiple personality disorders,
5.) Unclean Spirits (these are reptilian beings such as frogs, and they are behind sexual perversion).

Howard Pittman was given insight into how the demonic realm operates and how humans are oblivious to how subtly they are able to tempt, and possess people through their own ignorance. He was then taken back to earth by the angel to see how the demons operate behind the scenes on earth to possess people.

After Howard was taken on his tour into the Second Heaven, he pleaded with the angel to allow him to talk with the Lord. He wanted to ask for an extension of his physical life.

He was taken through a tunnel to the third heaven under escort by his angel. But before he could enter, he was told that if he entered the Third Heaven, he could not come out and that he would have to remain there until brought back by Messiah himself. He protested “but if I can’t come out, then my body will die! That will defeat my whole purpose.”

Howard was told by the angel to stand by one side of the gate and to present his case to God.

Howard recalls his visit to the Third Heaven:

“Boldly I came before the throne and started out by reminding God
what a great life of love, worship and sacrifice I had lived for him……I reminded him that I was now in trouble and only he could help by granting me the extension to my physical life. God was totally silent while I spoke. When I had completed my request, I heard the real audible voice of God as he answered me.

The voice I heard was not like the sweet voice that Satan had used to trick me before in the valley. You could put together the noise of all the storms, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, and they could in no way imitate what I heard….The sound of his voice came down on me over the Gates even before the words hit me. The tone of His anger knocked me on my face as God proceeded to tell me just what kind of life I had really lived……He pointed out that my faith was dead, that my works were not acceptable, and that I had labored in vain. He told me that it was an abomination for me to live such a life and then dare to call it a life of worship…”

Howard was eventually granted an extension on his life, after a long conversation with God and a detailed discourse of the things that were unacceptable in his life before God.

Below, you will find part 1 of 12 videos of Howard Pittman’s Testimony:

Diposting oleh Hadi Kristadi untuk PENTAS KESAKSIAN

Kesaksian Pembaca Buku "Mukjizat Kehidupan"

Pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2009 datang SMS dari seorang Ibu di NTT, bunyinya:
"Terpujilah Tuhan karena buku "Mukjizat Kehidupan", saya belajar untuk bisa mengampuni, sabar, dan punya waktu di hadirat Tuhan, dan akhirnya Rumah Tangga saya dipulihkan, suami saya sudah mau berdoa. Buku ini telah jadi berkat buat teman-teman di Pasir Panjang, Kupang, NTT. Kami belajar mengasihi, mengampuni, dan selalu punya waktu berdoa."

Hall of Fame - Daftar Pembaca Yang Diberkati Buku Mukjizat Kehidupan

  • A. Rudy Hartono Kurniawan - Juara All England 8 x dan Asian Hero
  • B. Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo
  • C. Pdt. Ir. Djohan Handojo
  • D. Jeffry S. Tjandra - Worshipper
  • E. Pdt. Petrus Agung - Semarang
  • F. Bpk. Irsan
  • G. Ir. Ciputra - Jakarta
  • H. Pdt. Dr. Danny Tumiwa SH
  • I. Erich Unarto S.E - Pendiri dan Pemimpin "Manna Sorgawi"
  • J. Beni Prananto - Pengusaha
  • K. Aryanto Agus Mulyo - Partner Kantor Akuntan
  • L. Ir. Handaka Santosa - CEO Senayan City
  • M. Pdt. Drs. Budi Sastradiputra - Jakarta
  • N. Pdm. Lim Lim - Jakarta
  • O. Lisa Honoris - Kawai Music Shool Jakarta
  • P. Ny. Rachel Sudarmanto - Jakarta
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  • R. Pdt. Samuel Gunawan - Jakarta
  • S. F.A Djaya - Tamara Jaya - By Pass Ngurah Rai - Jimbaran - Bali
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