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Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Didn't Somebody Do Something?

Hi, I’m Dutch Sheets and I have a few things that I would like to share with you. I’ve just spent a few days alone with the Lord praying for America asking the Lord about what we can do to change some things. As you know, I’ve carried a burden for this nation for 10 years or so - in fact, it’s my passion to see America turned back to God. I have to say that I am in a very unique place in my walk with the Lord because I’ve never been more concerned about the nation and where we are and yet, I am filled with great hope.

Let me share with you a few statistics that I think you will find alarming – I certainly do. In my grandfather’s generation we are told that 65% of them were true believers, they not only called themselves Christians, they attended church on a regular basis and they were committed to Christ. That figure went from 65% to 35% in my father’s generation. Then, in my generation it dropped from 35% to 15%. But the most alarming statistic of all is that we are told that today’s young generation – the youth of America – is probably around 4% - of those who would call themselves true followers of Jesus. I think that includes, based on the statistics, those that continue to walk with the Lord when they leave home. Those are alarming statistics given the fact that during that span of time we actually had some pretty significant outpourings of the Holy Spirit. And yet, even as we had awakenings and revivals, the Charismatic movement, etc. we lost ground in many ways.

I’m not an alarmist. If you’ve followed my ministry for any length of time, you know that’s the case. In fact, I do have hope. I believe that God is about to send a great revival to America. I feel that we can see what I will call a great awakening and I believe that we are close to that. In fact, the new mission statement for my life and ministry is “Awakening in Our Day – Reformation in Our Lifetime.” Awakening to me is that revival aspect where God saves millions of people and we see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that draws people to Him. I think that’s coming soon. I think it will generate momentum for what I call a reformation. I have great hope for these things.

Let me tell you a story I heard recently about a man who took his young daughter to the Holocaust Museum. He was a little worried about taking her, thinking she might be too young to deal with some of the emotions that she would be confronted with. As she looked at the pictures – which if you’ve ever been there, you know they can be quite troubling – and saw the places where they lived, the piles of shoes that many of them wore, he wondered what effect this would have on her. She was very quiet and didn’t say much throughout the whole visit and even as they left, she didn’t say anything. She was very thoughtful and quiet and he actually grew more alarmed. When she finally did talk about this, her response was simply a question. “Daddy, why didn’t somebody do something?”

I think that is what the Lord is asking us today. What are we going to do about where we are?

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